Experience Japanese vending culture with KISSA KALMS next-generation vending machine. “KISSA” means ""CAFE"" in Japanese and we bring to you Japanese snacks and beverages at your convenience. KISSA KALMS is the next generation in vending machines and dispenses one-of-a-kind authentic Japanese snacks which you can't find anywhere else. Munch on our delicious snacks instantly at your convenience! No queues and with locations all over the island.


Presenting to you tREAts! our next-generation vending machine for all foodies! We have an array of delicious local delights that include Mee Goreng, Kampong Fried Rice and Butter Chicken Biryani. tREAts! meals are here to tantalise your taste buds. With tREAts! vending machine, you never have to battle with long queues for delicious local delights.


Our latest joint venture is our MAC Ready-to-eat meals. This is a joint venture with celebrity chef Justin Quek to provide his renowned cuisines for the masses at affordable price points, through vending machines. This partnership will also enable us to sign on other celebrity chefs worldwide..


Vending snacks and beverage machines can be found everywhere. You will be astonished at our WAFU - next-generation vending machine, that dispenses traditional Japanese bento meal. Our WAFU meals are specially curated with the highest quality ingredients such as Wagyu beef, Hokkaido snow crab and many more. Crafted with care and neatly packed. We are confident that you will relish our WAFU bento meals anywhere and at any time of the day.


Introducing YUKIYAMA - Our next-generation Japanese ice-cream vending machine. YUKIYAMA uses advanced frozen food vending technology to maintain the perfect ice cold temperature. Savour Creamy Gelato, Fruity Popsicles, Japanese traditional mochi ice cream and most of all - Singaporeans all time favourite Sandwich ice cream! Available 24/7, you can treat yourself to these delicious desserts all year round from our easy to find locations all over the island!


Start your day with our beans to cup barista grade, 100% aromatic Arabic KOFE machine. Our state of the art next-generation KOFE machines give you that perfect cup of coffee to help you start your day. You can even customise your beverage to your preference so that it doesn’t lose their aroma, flavour, fragrance. The KALMS KOFE machine drips out full-bodied, rich and well-balanced KOFE from our easy-to-use touchscreen display. If you are looking for a quick meal or snacks to go along, check out our KOFE+ vending machine. It is definitely the best combination that suits our busy lifestyle today.