The story of KALMS began in 1964 as KALMS Records. It first started out as a record store selling American Music Records and for many years, KALMS Records enjoyed significant success, being one of the top music record stores here in Singapore.

In 1982, KALMS then entered the gifting business retailing products such as display figurines, photo frames, plush toys, and greeting cards. Growing exponentially through the years and it became the household name for gift ideas and UK greeting cards by 1990s. It was famously known to be the retailer that retails the “Me To You” plush toys.At the turn of the 21st century, the rapid technological growth such as SMART phone and E-commerce made a huge impact on consumers buying behaviour. Consumers were enthralled by the technology and convenience of e-commerce sites, which allows them to shop and make purchases any time of the day at their conveniences. At the same time, retailers were suffering from high rental cost and manpower shortage. This took a huge toll on many retailers which were running their brick-and-mortar stores. Gradually many retail outlets dwindled away from the malls. This retail evolution took place rapidly and KALMS understood that a change was inevitable to adapt to the current consumer trends.

In 2016, KALMS pulled its shutters of the last retail outlet and underwent an exciting transition. KALMS made a bold move from its current business model and went into Automated Retail vending solutions, opening its very first KALMS’ Cubby machines at Raffles City Shopping Centre. The following year, KALMS expanded it vending machine brands such as Cubby, WAFU, KISSA KALMS, trEATs!, and Yukiyama, serving up a good array of snacks, drinks, ready-to-eat local delights and also premium Japanese bento meals and ice-cream as well. By 2018, we have successfully deployed over 200 vending machines in the high traffic area, span across the island. The most significant milestone of the year was the joint venture with Asia’s Premier Celebrity Chef Justin Quek, giving consumers will have an opportunity to savour Chef Justin Quek, eight specially curated ready-to-eat meals, which will be retailed over our vending machines.

In 2019, KALMS will be sprouting its presence at all major heartland Sports Hub in Singapore as well as the Grand Opening of KALMS Guangzhou, China. Today, KALMS has established itself as one of the most reputable providers of Next-Generation vending solutions. It is a platform for you to retail and distribute your products and yet reduce the high rental and manpower cost. We are also proud to announce that we are the first in Singapore to integrate contactless payment technologies into our machines while offers a unique interactive customer experience. We will continue to generate and explore cutting-edge solutions for our clients, providing you with a bespoke vending solution, specifically catered to your needs!

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Our mission - To ignite opportunities and unlock your business potential through technology.

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Boldly Creative
We respect proven business practices but we are not always bound by them. We embrace creativity in everything that we do, from the macro to the micro. We harness technology to reinvent ourselves continually. We are never still.
Mad About Customers
We exist to serve our customers, be they businesses or consumers. We continually put ourselves in their shoes and anticipate their needs. We want every customer we serve to receive our best!
Proud of the Team
We respect the mix each person brings to the KALMS team and proud that each can make strong and unique contributions. We find ways to grow together as Kalms grows.
Quite Restless
We engender a healthy sense of restlessness that keeps us growing, excelling and open to risks and mistakes that we can learn from.
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