our corporate philosophy

KALMS is a 54-year old brand that has enjoyed a long and prosperous history. KALMS first started out as KALMS Records, opening its stores in 1964 and enjoying the fruits of its success as the top retailer of American records in Singapore. In 1982, KALMS realised that its forte was in gift-giving, and it opened its first gift store in Singapore. By 1990, KALMS had become a household name in Singapore with locations throughout the country. Today, KALMS still resonates with the public for being a leader in the gifting industry and continues to work closely with an extensive network of reputable and superior gift suppliers, such as Carte Blanche Greetings and UK Greetings Cards.

KISSA KALMS, A Japanese Cafe

In 2016, KALMS underwent an exciting transition into the business of automated retail sales and the provision of vending solutions. Our vending machines around Singapore now carry an extensive range of products that leave customers spoilt for choice, including premium Japanese ready-to-eat meals (WAFU), halal meals (trEATs!), and snacks, drinks and ice-creams imported directly from Japan (KISSAKALMS). Fret not, we have not forgotten the iconic Me to You bear, who can be found in selected vending machines islandwide.

KALMS has also quickly made its presence known as one of the most reputable providers of innovative vending solutions. Our vending machines do not just carry excellent gift products, they are also here to provide retail and distribution solutions for you. We pride ourselves on being the first in Singapore to integrate contactless payment technologies into our machines and offer an interactive customer experience. KALMS is constantly on the cusp of change as we continue to explore and generate new ideas. Talk to us today and let us provide you with a bespoke vending solution that is catered entirely to your needs.

Countries that KALMS is in

We have plans for expansion in Philippines, Japan and South Korea